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Persoana fizica sau juridica?
Resedinta, restaurant sau fabrica ?
E timpul sa nu te mai stresezi !

Incepand cu 1 August Iduna Romania va avea un Departament Operational care va asigura Servicii de Curatenie . Echipa noastra va acoperii de la servicii de igienizare in fabrici si restaurante pana la servicii particularizate la cerere.

Suntem de 17 ani pe piata, vino sa te convingi de experienta noastra la un alt nivel !

Out of passion and not lastly with an experience of over 10 years in consulting regarding issues of hygiene, supply of services and professional products in the food industry and the “HoReCa” (hotels, restaurants and catering) segment, at the request of our clients we have created an operations department that provides and offers outsourced cleaning services and the best management solutions in this field.

The solutions offered by our company along with Quality Department and the Department of Sanitation are very efficient in terms of costs, giving you the opportunity to channel your efforts on other aspects of your company's core business.

Each solution is based on our hygiene management system developed specifically for the food industry. The scheme applies to all aspects of our services and is in accordance with European standards of good practices, and professional standards in food safety and hygiene of processing plants.

Cleaning or sanitizing a factory in the food industry today requires more knowledge and responsibility than ever before. Because of the risk involved, the possibility of cross-contamination during the sanitation process, the risks stemming from handling and storing food items, as well as HACCP standards, the operation of sanitation requires a qualified and very efficient team with extensive experience in operations of sanitation in the food industry.



You always have the same costs and permanent control, turning variable costs into a fixed and predictable cost.

Our company has the skills and training necessary to intervene and use effectively specific equipment designed for cleaning in the food industry, as well as chemicals and disinfectants suitable for each cleaning, including cleaning of the sewerage which is a very important factor.

Our objectives for which we have trained are to offer our customers a safe, efficient and productive sanitation. Our staff is trained to provide sanitation services when you request them, to spare you from assembling internal teams.


We offer a service that meet your demands and the demands of current legislation, and ensure an optimal amount of time is spent sanitizing your facilities.

Take into account the effect of reducing investment in people, equipment and the time needed for their formation.

Our firm will be present during an audit precisely because we rely on our experience. Our team is trained according to HACCP standards and knows to focus on high-risk areas and reduce the possibility of having contaminated surfaces.


Our company will implement its own sanitation system in your location according to the specifics of your business and can also offer up to date consulting.

We can intervene daily, for general cleaning, before an audit or in case of an emergency.